In every aspect of marketing, using photography can enhance a brand’s story, whether adding visuals to a website, social media posts, magazine ads or direct mail pieces. To connect with consumers in a natural and organic way, brands often rely on photography to get a point or idea across at a speed that words just cannot match.

Stock photography is affordable, easy to obtain and can work with many different projects. There are thousands of photos out there taken by professional photographers that can help communicate a brand’s message. Although stock photos are convenient and oftentimes necessary for budgetary or project timeline constraints, custom photography, when executed correctly, can provide significant benefits. What value does custom photography bring to that table that stock photos just don’t have? Here are four key considerations:

Brand consistency

The face of a business is their brand. Anything a company attaches to their brand – employees, design, photography or language – creates a message about who they are and what they stand for. Custom photography allows brands to embody their message with visual images that are consistent with company values. With stock photography, it can be extremely difficult to find enough unique imagery that fits the essence of a brand perfectly with style, tone and atmosphere.

Personal connection and authenticity

Custom photography provides personality or authenticity that traditional stock photos often lack. With customized imagery, brands have more opportunities to include real customers, company representatives, products and events in photos, which then ties the company to their local community, clients and consumers.


By having a photographer shoot a custom photo, brands have the flexibility and freedom to choose the setting, models, mood, colors, atmosphere and message, all of which represent a company to the public. This close attention to small details can make a huge difference in how authentic a photograph feels for a brand. Customized photography also gives a creative team more freedom to fully develop the vision a brand wants.

Building an asset library

One of the most valuable aspects of custom photography is that once the images are taken they are usually then owned by the company and can then be used at any time and in any way. Having a unique and exclusive library of images also lessens the chances of accidentally using duplicate imagery that may have been used by a competitor.

Photos help tell a brand’s story. If time and budget allow, custom photography can have a real, positive impact on an advertising campaign. At Ivie it is our mission to help our clients tell their unique stories through personality, style and voice; our custom photography services are just one of the many ways that we help brands grow.