There are a number of ways to design your website – hire a professional firm, do it yourself, choose and modify a free template, purchase a template, or use a drag’n’drop design.  By far, it makes most sense to hire a professional web design firm to do the job, and these reasons will show you why:

  1. Templates blend in – Marketing is all about showing how your company, product, and service differ from all the rest.  If you use a template, your site blends in with thousands of others.  Why would someone think you’re better than all the rest if you’re just like them?
  2. Customization optimizes conversions – Small changes in the design of your website can increase your sales significantly.  Changing that “Contact Now” button from blue to red may make it much more noticeable than before, causing a huge spike in sales.  Most templates and sites you design on your own either make this impossible or very difficult.  Do you have the time to figure it out?
  3. They have your website – Many of these free template design providers stay free just to attract attention.  Then, when they have a strong customer base, guess what?  Your freedom is gone, and they start charging.  If you don’t want to pay, that’s your problem.  They have your website under your control and they’ll happily use that leverage to their advantage.  What if their whole operation goes belly-up, leaving you stranded with no way of getting your website back?
  4. They know techniques other designs won’t provide – Ease of navigation, responsive-friendly design, SEO-friendly design, and custom copywriting are just a few of the aspects a professional designer considers prior to designing your website.  If you use a template, it may not be the best for SEO and it might not be responsive, leaving out a large portion of your market.  Long-term, all these seemingly little benefits add up, greatly affecting the final success of your website.
  5. Proper coding – HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript are coding languages that affect how your website functions and displays.  If you design it on your own or use a template, it might not work well across all browsers.  What’s worse is that you typically don’t have access to the code at all, leaving you in a permanent pickle.

Use a Professional Web Design Firm

Website design is costly up front, but it’s more costly down the road if you don’t have one right away.  Make sure you contact a professional website design firm so you put your internet marketing efforts on the right track from the get-go.